<empty>Welcome to my web site! I have been flintknapping since 1986. I guess one can say I’ve “caught the bug.” I grew up on a ranch in Southeastern Utah, which is rich in antiquities. Extensive exploration of the area fired my curiosity and gave me the inspiration to undertake flintknapping. I must admit I’ve had some great teachers with good information alongthe way; Dr. Bruce Bradley, Dr. Errett Callahan, Bob Patten, Gene Titmus, and of course the ancient masters who created the wonderful stone artifacts we admire today. I have worked locally for two contract archaeological firms, where I performed survey, excavation and lithic analysis. Work experience, coupled with self study has resulted in an extensive knowledge of stone tools. Read about my recent research trip to Denmark.

Over the years I have flintknapped a wide variety of beautiful stones and I appreciate them for what they are, although I am partial to the high quality variety of brown, gray, and tan flints. These earth tone rocks reveal the craftsmanship far better than flashy multicolored stones. When I look at a flint work I like to see the detail.

My specialty is edge-to-edge pressure flaking. I have been doing edge-to-edge work since 1991. It is a labor intensive process, but it has its rewards. In July of 2003, I completed a research project on the replication of the Type Ic Neolithic Danish Dagger with edge-to-edge pressure flaking. I presented my findings at a lithic symposium, held August 20-24 2003, at the University of Uppsala in Uppsala, Sweden. The symposium was sponsored by the Societas Archaeologica of Upsaliensis and the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History. The paper was well received. The month prior to that, Errett Callahan and I spent a considerable amount of time evaluating and analyzing the original Daggers. We collected data on Daggers at the Danish National Museum, Copenhagen Denmark, Arkeologiska institutionen in Lund Sweden, and the Statens Historiska Museum in Stockholm Sweden. What a feast; hundreds of Daggers. I got to hold them like they were my own. It was a rare privilege.

Not only do I enjoy making these items, I also like to use them. I have processed numerous deer, elk, fish, and two wild Bison using stone knife blades. I am also an avid bow hunter and have taken a number of mule deer and elk with stone points. In fact they work as good if not better than the finest metal broad heads made. It is a unique awareness to procure a stone from the Earth and convert it to food on the table.

I am pleased to offer my work for purchase, although most of what you see on this site is my personal collection. If you see a particular piece you like, let me know and I can make a custom order. All of my work is signed and dated. In addition I will periodically post various items for sale. Thank you for visiting my web site and I look forward to hearing from you.

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