Customer Testimonials

Replicating The Type IC Neolithic Danish DaggerFlintknapper Gene Titmus wrote: "You did a splendid job with the DVD. You are a true scientist and craftsman. Not only was the information specific to Danish Dagger production, but it had all kinds of info on biface reduction.” …“Congratulations on a job well done."

Debbie Olausson Professor of Archaeology at Lund University, Sweden writes: "I watched the DVD yesterday. I found it accurate and informative and I like the style you project--you're so modest! The photography works well--you get close-ups when you need them, the lighting is good, etc. Amazing that you could follow the whole process on one and the same piece--you must have been nervous as you reached the final stages!"

Archaeologist Michael Robbins writes: "What a treat! You did a really outstanding job of presenting tons of information. It was clear, well organized, and very informative. It wasn't just about the Type IC dagger, but covered a whole range of topics from indirect percussion, stone percussors, heat treating, platform isolation (which has never been explained more clearly to me), release flakes (a must for any Clovis replication), Abo tools, and the finger anvil--what a gem. You've covered material that is of value both to the scholar and the rank-and-file knapper, and I think that needs to be expressed to the knapping community (i.e. the title sound very specialized, but the content actually appeals to a very wide audience, and would be of value to all skill levels)."

Flintknapper Bob Estep writes: “No one else out there has anything that compares to it, instructional or otherwise.” “Your DVD is first class. Very informative, not only on the topic of Danish daggers, and their history, but to flintknapping and recreating the way in which they were made in Neolithic times, i.e. "the primitive way.” “You have truly researched the method of manufacturing these beautiful daggers, and it shows. “… I would highly recommend it to anyone I know that flintknapps or is into primitive skills.” “I feel very fortunate to have a copy, and I plan on watching it many, many more times.”

Flintknapper and author D.C Waldorf writes: “You're right on the money with your information - and that bit with the beeswax and holding jig for grinding is ingenious.” “I hope to see more in the future.”

Archaeologist/Flintknapper Michael Stafford writes: “I pulled out your FABULOUS DVD this afternoon and took it in.” Certainly the nicest knapping video out there! You did a magnificent job explaining, demonstrating, etc. Plus the finished product was gorgeous. It's obvious that 1C's are your passion.”

Berit Valentin Eriksen, Ph.D. Moesgaard Museum, Højbjerg, Denmark writes: “Just a brief note to tell you how happy I am with the DVD.” “It is very well-made and very instructive. You make a lot of interesting comments when knapping, some of which are very relevant with respect to the early Bronze Age bifacial find material which I am currently investigating. ”I am also going to recommend this DVD to a number of colleagues teaching lithic technology here and abroad. I consider it a "must see" for the students.”

Flintknapper Bill Nagy writes: “I recently received your DVD "Replicating the Type 1C Dagger" and just wanted to let you know how truly happy I am with the purchase. After watching it three times in the last four days I have learned more valuable information on flint knapping techniques than I have picked up from searching the internet in the last six months.” “…[T]hank you for the information contained in the video and for the note included on the receipt, you don't get to see that kind of consideration very often these days.

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