Projectile Points

The first eight pictures are projectile points that have been knapped with the flake over grinding technique. The rest of the points have not been ground. All the points shown here have been heat-treated.

Elko Eared heat treated Somerville Chert

Elko Eared: Made of heat-treated Somerville Chert from Utah. This is the type of point I use for hunting Deer and Elk.
Elko Eared heat treated 2nd photo

Elko Eared: Made of heat-treated Somerville Chert from Utah.
somerville chert 3rd photo

Made of heat-treated Somerville Chert from Utah.
Elko Eared Petrified wood from oregon

Elko Eared: Made of petrified wood from Oregon.
Rose Gate Point from Montana Agate

Rose Gate Point: Made from Montana Agate.
Jasperized dino bone SE Utah

These points are made of non heat-treated Jasperized dinosaur bone from SE Utah. This quality of dinosaur bone for knapping is extremely rare.
Lance Blades Obsidian and green jasper

Lance Blades: I made these blades in the early nineties. They are made of Obsidian and Green Imperial Jasper.
Close up of obsidian Lance Blade

Close up of Obsidian Lance Blade.
Miscellaneous points heat treated high ridge Illinois

Miscellaneous points: Made of heat-treated High Ridge Illinois, Texas, and Utah cherts.
Abajo Stemmed Arrow Point

Abajo Stemmed Arrow Point: Made of heat-treated Montana Agate.
Elko Series Serrated Dart Points

Elko Series Serrated dart Points: Made of heat-treated Wyoming Oil Chert.